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by their fellow students and by the professor. Eveiy candidate for a

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dealing with "reflex" epilepsy (vide supra), or where the attacks are caused

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crowded conditions. Good sanitation and d1sinf«:t1on are re<^1red to control coccldlosis,

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they can digest it. Sometimes cod-liver oil may be prescribed for a time. It

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testimonium of any of the above degrees, with the exception of that of

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foUowiQg subjects — ^Botany, Practical Chemistry, Natural History,

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states, which far exceed in frequency all other nervous diseases. The- idea

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of a pin (the prick reflex), or stroking the skin hard with a blunt object,

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declaration that he labours under no mental or constitutional disease or weakness,

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In Arts, including Norwegian, Latin, Greek, French, German, EngJiBh,

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summer session. At the end of the third and fourth winter sessions a

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Professor brings forward arguments or objections for the oaa^ydaie to answer^

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rZ''" <^«tennination and subsequent testinq at\nrDrocess?nf ^

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atrophies certainly have their starting point in the muscles themselves {vide

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.^Sneid, book i. ; English — Composition and Dictation ; Arithmetic —

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are also much impaired (interossei, lumbricales). The thumb cannot be ad-

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the most cofmnon cause of this dragging occurrence in dogs. ^

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£23 2s. Second summer session — ^Materia Medica and Therapeutics,.

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Caleb Williams, M.D. Aberdeen, 73, MicJclegate, Yorh.

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Medicine and Surgery, including Clinical instruction, £5 5s. ; Anatomy,

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observed in alcoholic polyneuritis. Especially during the acute onset, if

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graphical Anatomy ; Hygiene and Zootechny ; Clinical Medicine ;

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his studies with assiduity. These certificates are transmitted at the


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